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Hi, I’m Chloe - a relaxed and informal destination wedding, event & portrait photographer (that wears a banana necklace) based in Worcester.

In photography I think it's important for people to pick the right person for them and what they want, there are so many awesome photographers out there and it's important to get the right one for you so here's some information you should know about me:


If you're after a formal style of photography I will stop you there as I'm probably not your girl, I capture the moment's I do in my own natural documentary way, lists of endless group photos aren't my thing.


I approach moments in the most relaxed way possible, getting the best natural results. I'm there to capture images you will put on the wall to cherish and laugh at for a lifetime, not skip past and never look at again. Some of the best photo's I take are the ones that nobody asks for, the moment you didn't plan to happen but it did and it was beautiful.

Im Bananas about all things retro, colourful and uniquely wonderful - 

We are here for a good time not a long time after all!


Established in 2014, Me and my Nikons have travelled far and wide across the UK and Europe capturing special moments at a whole host of events and weddings as well as single and group portraits.

I love to find the beauty in imperfect surroundings whilst portraying the love people have for one and other capturing moments that occur in an instant and get to live on forever, what a wonderful thought that is!- this is what really makes my heart sing. 

Outside of work I love to travel the world, immerse myself in new experiences and meet new people. My colourful and relaxed happy go lucky approach to life shines through and when at work allows me to get amazing results. 

So...whether you have an upcoming wedding, event or are after some portrait or product photography - have a browse, take a look at some of my work and lets chat! 


Phone: +44(0) 7585 328 099


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