Chloe Field Photgraphy

keyworkers covid-19




Throughought the pandemic I’ve witnessed so many incredible key workers carrying out various roles with smiles on their faces despite everything that is happening,


So many people put on their uniforms, walk out of their doors and leave their family behind to run towards the fire putting their own worries and fears aside putting others first.

I wanted to use photography to document key workers in their doorways, I decided that I wanted to give something back to as many key workers as I could, I felt that photos of them in their uniform would be something they could look back on in years to come and remember this time and all they sacrificed throughout.

It would be something they could show in the future of the time they worked throughout a global pandemic and the risks they faced in doing this. People’s front doors represented where they left every morning or night, clueless of what they would face each day. There has been such negative news that it felt right to share some positive stories of others.

There were so many key workers I have been unable to document and represent them all, however, I’d like to thank every single key worker that has worked so hard through such challenging and uncertain times.

This has been such a hard time for so many people for so many different reasons, but I hope in sharing these images and stories with you it will help to bring some light to what has been a dark year. These people in this book are just a handful of people that make such a positive difference in the world not only now but always carrying out such incredible roles.

Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to capture them and let me into their lives by sharing their story and allowing me to put it in a book. 

Limited copies of the book are available for £20.00 per copy, 10% of any profits made will be donated to the Worcester food bank, to purchase a copy click the link below. Estimated delivery w/c 21st December.

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